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Public Service/Utility Typical Applications and Benefits

Public Service/Utility Overview
Companies providing public services, such as the post, power generation, communications, water, and public transportation have unique needs to track usage, provide customer service, and monitor field service operations. In some cases, their work and customers are in the field or remote locations.

CipherLab mobile computers put powerful, remote computing and access to servers in the hands of people in the field. Wireless WAN (GSM/GPRS) technology in mobile computers enables field service technicians at remote facilities, meter readers on the streets, and mobile ticketing agents to update usages and sales as they work. Designed-in applications extend the mobile computer's capabilities. Whether the organization's infrastructure is built on Microsoft Windows® or Windows®-free operating systems, CipherLab has the right solution to meet users in their own environment.

Finding CipherLab in Utilities & Public Services
Receiving, Inventory Management, Counter, Field Service, Dispatch, Time and Attendance. Wherever people and items need to be tracked locally and remotely, CipherLab mobile computers will help get the job done.

Post Office

Post Office Receiving
When receiving packages at the post office with monetary value, such as registered mail and insured packages, workers usually need to carry them to the station for scanning. With a CipherLab BT scanner, they can immediately scan incoming packages, saving time. Package data is instantly sent to the postal database.

Post Office Dispatch
Instead of carrying packages to a counter with a scanner before dispatching them, a CipherLab BT scanner lets workers immediately scan packages in the dispatching area and update the mail database instantly.

Post Office Counter Service
When postal customers purchase barcoded items at the counter, a CipherLab wired or wireless scanner accelerates the purchase and keeps customers moving.

Library Receiving
When supplies and returned books arrive at the library, CipherLab BT scanners allow fast and accurate acceptance of items. Returned books can be carted for shelving faster, making them available for the next patron.

Library Counter Service
Many libraries use very long barcodes, exceeding 67 mm wide. The CipherLab 1090+ provides extra-wide barcode reading up to 90 mm wide. The CipherLab 1090+ scanner can eliminate hand entry of barcodes, accelerating book checkout.

Library Field Service
Remote access to company information can be invaluable to a worker in the field. The right information at the service technician's fingertips using a CipherLab 9590CE Mobile Computer can mean faster repairs, resulting in thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue, vastly outweighing the costs of the mobile computer
Receiving & Material Inventory
Where operations require materials for their equipment and facilities that must be inventoried, wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computers and BT can help accelerate the receiving and storage processes. If connected through a wireless network to the supply chain management system, equipment orders are updated instantly. Other designed-in applications, such as dispatch, can be triggered by receipt of equipment urgently needed for emergency repairs. CipherLab mobile computers and BT scanners on the receiving dock and efficient software solutions can create a highly responsive receiving and inventory process.
Choose 8071, 8330, 8470, 9370, 9470, 9670 Mobile Computers, 1166/1266, 1560/1562 and 1660 BT Scanners

Much of a public service happens in the field. Whether it's getting service technicians to a remote substation, directing meter readers along their route, or sending out the mail, CipherLab mobile computers and wired and BT scanners can accelerate dispatching workers. Mobile computers downloaded with the day's tasks eliminate paper-based service dispatch orders and provide route assistance to temporary meter readers.

CipherLab mobile computers enabled with wireless WAN capabilities enable communication between servers and remote workers. BT scanners in the office or plant help workers stage items being dispatched, such as the mail at the post office. As work orders and mail batches are prepared, reading barcodes for equipment and on mail bins can be sent to the servers, confirming and accounting for the correct items in the staging area.
Choose 1000/1090+ Contact Scanners, 1500 Value Scanner, 1166/1266, 1560/1562, 1660 BT Scanners, 8071, 8330, 8370, 8470, 8580, 8590, 9370, 9470, 9570, 9670 Mobile Computers


Counter Service
In any public industry where customers are serviced, CipherLab wired and BT scanners along with the organization's software solutions help bust lines by taking care of customer faster. At payment counters, scanning barcoded bills instantly recall the customer's record for verification. Payments can be immediately recorded and applied to the appropriate account, eliminating errors found in paper-based processes.
Choose: 1000 Contact Scanners, 1100, 1500 Value Scanners, 1166/1266, 1560/1562 and 1660 BT Scanners

Inventory Management
Your business day ends with satisfied customers, but it starts with making sure products are ordered and on the shelves. Now you can do both with a CipherLab mobile computer, your wireless network. As you check your shelves, low quantities can be instantly ordered and transmitted to your supplier or an internal application. Whether you work wirelessly or in batch mode, a CipherLab mobile computer will help you keep the products you need on your shelves.
Choose 8071, 8330, 8370, 8470, 9370 Mobile Computers