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Manufacturing Typical Applications and Benefits


Access Control
A WLAN between the access request point, a CipherLab wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer, and the secure area let the security team instantly address changes to access permissions - both for entry and restriction.
An RFID tag or barcode on the employee ID badge along with CipherLab scanning technology, simplify and automate access control.

Raw Material and WIP
With wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computers in the hands of floor supervisors and inventory managers, the supply chain management system can instantly notify them of issues - wherever they might be located throughout the plant. No more paging and frantic secretaries trying to locate critical personnel. Software-enabled solutions can trigger critical supply level warnings, and even notify suppliers of instant need for parts.

Labor Tracking
A CipherLab mobile computer in the hands of each mobile employee allows supervisors and managers to find them and alert them on demand. You can reduce disturbing employee paging throughout the plant. Plus, the mobile computer enables each worker to easily track daily tasks more efficiently and accurately.

Quality Assurance
Taking samples from the production line or warehouse for analysis is crucial to some processes to assure the highest quality and regulatory compliance. Using a BT and wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computer with a BT belt-clip printer, the inspector can immediately label the item with lot number, date, time, from where it was acquired, and his employee ID, while simultaneously updating the production or warehouse system with the item taken.

Tool Cage
RFID tags attached to tools and equipment make it easy to identify them with RFID readers built into CipherLab mobile computers.
A CipherLab BT scanner along with a PC and printer simplify tool cage inventories. The worker can carry the scanner and simply scan each item's barcode and transmit the data to the BT-enabled PC. The asset management system checks the location, asset number, and other data, and signals acceptance of the item in the tool cage. Inventories are fast and easy.

Plant Maintenance & Repair
If a piece of equipment breaks down unexpectedly, the operator can scan its asset ID barcode or read its RFID tag with a CipherLab wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer. Through the asset management system, the operator can send an urgent alert to the nearest repair technician, accelerating repairs.

Manufacturing Overview
Global competition constantly places more pressure on manufacturing businesses to be more efficient and with 100% accuracy on their operations, from their supply chain management, through the build process, to shipping. CipherLab scanners and mobile computers give production line workers, supervisors, managers, and executives the tools they need - in the warehouse, on the production line, at quality control, and shipping.

Wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computers and wireless scanners with BT technology allow warehouse workers to keep inventories continuously updated for accurate, efficient supply chain management and inventory turns. A range of scanning capabilities, from close-up reading of tiny labels to scanning distant
pallets and cartons, reduce tracking and supply errors.

On the production line, handheld scanners at build stages keep production records accurate and managers constantly informed of productivity through the line. Mobile computers with wireless LAN technology allow supervisors to keep working as they move from their office to production stages checking on the day's progress.

In shipping, handheld scanners with BT technology update shipping orders and manifests, eliminating hand-generated paperwork and accelerating more accurate finished goods shipments.
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Access Control in Manufacturing
In today's world markets, a company's competitive advantage is what can lead to success. And competitive advantage is all about managing access - to intellectual property, engineering labs, sales accounts, business financials, and a host of other information. Security systems can be found in most companies around the world. Access is typically granted through keypads and employee badges with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or RFID tags.CipherLab magnetic and barcode readers and keypads excel in these applications.

Readers usually react in real time, sending and receiving security data and waiting for access permissions to be granted. This makes it easy for security administrators to keep security privileges up to date on servers and remote, programmable devices, like the keypad terminal. Where secure access includes a guard scanning RFID tags or barcodes, a wireless LAN enabled CipherLab scanner or mobile computer gives the guard mobility while the company maintains its high security.
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Labor Tracking
Much - if not most - of cost of goods consists of labor. And it's often the most expensive part of the manufacturing line. So careful tracking of workers' time and attendance as they arrive and leave, and throughout their work tasks, can result in critical cost savings and more efficient processes. For example, when an operator has to stop his machine to move to a station keypad terminal or card reader to record a task completed, it can reduce efficiency and increase costs.

CipherLab magnetic readers, time and attendance terminals, and mobile computers with both barcode readers or RFID interrogation integrate into daily activities to help keep work efficient. CipherLab magnetic stripe readers integrated with time and attendance solutions read employee badges to track punch in and out. With a CipherLab keypad terminal or scanner at each workstation, employees can quickly enter employee ID and task information, which is instantly sent to system servers. RFID tags or barcodes in employee badges eliminate hand entry and swiping. Mobile workers using wireless LAN enabled CipherLab mobile computers with a built-in RFID reader can record their activities on the spot and keep production data current.
Quality Assurance
Whether your quality assurance process occurs in the middle of the production line or at the end, tracking of products, lot numbers, inspection results, and more is a critical part of ensuring your products meet expectations and requirements. CipherLab mobile computers with BT and Wireless LAN capabilities give the Quality Assurance department ultimate control over their work and responsibilities.

As products enter the QA process, an inspector can quickly identify and record them with a Wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer. CipherLab mobile computers with a built-in RFID interrogator accelerate the reading activity. Records stay instantly up to date. Bluetooth mobile computers along with a belt-clip BT printer allow instant labeling of products to indicate lot number, results, inspector, or other important information. While QA ensures the quality of products, CipherLab mobile computers can help ensure the effectiveness and quality of the process.

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Product Labeling & Tracking
Along the production line and at the end, WIP and finished goods often get one or more labels. When the labels are part of product history, quality, or other aspect, accuracy is critical, and efficiency with labeling and tracking can impact your costs. CipherLab solutions based on our Bluetooth mobile computers and industry-available BT printers put both accuracy and efficiency within easy reach.

CipherLab mobile computers with wireless LAN and BT let you scan barcodes or read RFID tags for fast identification. Data is transmitted through your local WLAN to your production system software, which can trigger the label to print on a BT-capable printer, or to take other action. CipherLab products are key components of a seamless solution from the receiving dock to the shipping dock.

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Tool Cage
Like your employees, your tools and equipment are critical to your production processes. They need to be in the right place at the right time to be of the highest value. And whether a tool is on the production line, in repair, or out of service, knowing where it is gives you better control over your valuable business assets. CipherLab mobile computers and scanners integrated with your asset tracking system enable you to stay on top of your tools and equipment.

A CipherLab wired or BT scanner in the tool cage eliminates time-consuming paperwork. As tools are requested and returned, scanning them instantly logs movement out of and into the tool cage's electronic records. On the production floor and loading docks, a wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer can read tool and equipment barcode labels or interrogate RFID tags for audits, maintenance scheduling, and other tracking purposes. CipherLab products with your asset management system save paperwork, time, and associated costs in tracking, maintaining, and accounting for your tools and equipment.

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Plant Maintenance & Repair
When it comes to keeping the production line and plant operations up to standards, information is critically important to mobile technicians. From the start of their day, through every aspect of their tasks, to the end of their shift, CipherLab mobile computers enable them to get their jobs done faster and more efficient.

CipherLab mobile computers with wireless LAN, BT, and wireless WAN (GPRS/GSM) give mobile technicians access to the tools they need - wherever they go. Equipped with barcode scanners or RFID readers, service technicians can instantly verify equipment against the work order ensuring they are working on the right equipment at the right time.

Our Windows®-based or Windows®-free mobile computers put the day's repair orders and schedules, service histories, problem reports, parts orders, and even technical bulletins and manuals in their hands. They can instantly file their reports through the WLAN or wireless WAN and print service labels on BT printers to attach to serviced equipment. CipherLab mobile computers are real time savers, enabling repairs to get done faster.

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Raw Material & WIP
Materials and the supply chain form the foundation of a manufacturing organization. Knowing where materials are located in the production process - inventory or on the production line - can mean meeting orders or delaying sales.

As material leaves inventory, CipherLab scanners can track it to its destination. As parts are dispensed at stations on the line and integrated into finished goods, supervisors, purchasing managers, and even sales associates can stay informed with up-to-the-minute status of material demand, delivery, and usage, and even WIP and finished goods. Wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computers put instant access to information in the hands of mobile workers, while our wired and BT scanners at fixed workstations keep the supply chain databases current CipherLab solutions enable an agile, responsive manufacturing environment.
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