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Mobile Computers
4-Slot Battery Charger

Charge up to 4 Li-ion batteries simultaneously, saving hassle and space.
4-Slot Battery Charger
Applicable Models: 8000 series, 8300 series

8300 Series:
8370 Mobile Computer Wireless Light Industrial Mobile Computer with Wi-Fi and optional RFID 300

Accelerate your work and boost productivity using the handy, rugged wireless 8370 with RFID option. Acquire data using both optical scanning and RFID with instant access to your servers through your Wi-Fi network. The 8370 is ergonomically designed and built tough for hours of comfortable and safe use in the harshest environments, so you get more done in less time for less money. The 8370 puts versatile, powerful AIDC computing in your hands.
IEEE 802.11b/g, 350-meter coverage, 40 hours
Energy-efficient design for up to 40 hours
Choice of linear imager, laser, or long-range laser reader
Supports terminal emulation to extend the power of your information system
Programmable vibrator / beeper to notify data capture
User-friendly interface and large, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
Expandable memory up to 10 MB and supports a variety of C and BASIC programming
Survives multiple 1.2 m drops onto concrete

Applicable Models: 8061/8360
8300 Series Charging and Communication Cradle
8300 Series Charging and Communication Cradle

Recharge batteries and connect with host for data transmission via RS-232 or USB interface.

8300 Ethernet Cradle

Synchronize data remotely without a direct connection to a desktop PC using 10/100Base-T interface with LED indicators. Also recharges the mobile computer battery and connects with host/desktop for data transmission via RS-232 or USB interface.

8300 Modem Cradle

Enables data access over a standard phone line and charges the mobile computer simultaneously. Support up to 56Kbps modem connection. Also connects to computer/host for data transmission via RS-232 or USB interface.

8300 Ethernet Cradle
8300 Modem Cradle
Bluetooth Access Point (3560)
Bluetooth Access Point (3560)

Connects Bluetooth mobile computers to host for data transmission.