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For the best value bluetooth barcode scanner, check out our full range on our CipherLab website. Let us help you choose which is the best bluetooth barcode scanner for your business. We only sell Cipherlab range of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners and Mobile Barcode Scanners.

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      About CipherLab
      CipherLab Co Ltd is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Automatic Identification and Data Capture/Collection
      products and systems.  The company’s mobile computers and bluetooth barcode scanners are integrated into the networks of some of the world's
      best known logistics, retail, distribution, government installations and healthcare companies.

      CipherLab Co., Ltd, founded in 1988, designs, manufactures, and markets AIDC products and systems. The company is dedicated to
      serving firms around the world seeking enhancement of operation efficiency and creation of business value.

      CipherLab has subsidiaries and partners in EMEA, Americas, Asia-Pacific and China. This growing network caters to all kinds of needs in
      different regions and industry applications. The majority of the company's products are marketed under the brand name CipherLab.
CipherLab Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Fundamentals:
CipherLab bluetooth barcode scanners combine value and control for easy, accurate scanning in many types of retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications. Contact scanners read barcodes at a very close range - for example, at checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers. Bluetooth barcode scanners eliminate misreads of close or poorly printed barcode labels. Other bluetooth barcode scanners give you good data capture capabilities at greater distances using imaging and laser scanning technologies. They are ideal for counter service, medical billing, raw material and Warehousing.

Our Stocktake Barcode Scanners are perfect for speeding up the stocktake process allowing you to collect multiple fields of data such as quantity, location, time & date. We have a wide range of bluetooth barcode scanners for every application & every environment. Please call us and one of our expert consultants will be able to identify what type of bluetooth barcode scanner will suit your application!
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A bluetooth barcode scanner can save you time & money. No data entry! No paper and pens. No errors! 

Testimonial "The Cipherlab terminals have been a fantastic asset and valuable tool for our operations and have certainly made life much easier" Coca-Cola Amatil

Testimonial "Service is very good, with reasonable repair times and overall costs. Parts are always avaiable locally so the turnaround time is usually kept to within a week, I can wholeheartedly recommend Cipherlab and have on many occasions" Mark Hawkins - General Manager - Test-Rite Australia

Testimonial "We chose Cipherlab because we did do our homework and looked around. The Cipherlab portable data terminals represented very good and better value for money to the rest of their competition. We would definitely recommend Cipherlab" Chris Castley - General Manager - SSS Sewing & Craft Supplies

Testimonial "I am really impressed with the Cipherlab 8570, the ease of use and particularly the support. The turn around times in ordering the equipment was also fantastic" Graeme Milgate - IT Manager - Trade Tools Direct

Testimonial "Cipherlab came down out of working hours……on the weekend and resolved this. Turned out to be a few things that were non Cipherlab related but they still got it going for me. I will never forget that" "Cipherlab are fantastic in every department" John Hogg - Managing Director - Supply Today

Testimonial "The service that we received from your office was outstanding. The issues took time and effort to resolve, and support was always willing to help.The scanners now do exactly what we want them to do, and we would not have been able to achieve this without your assistance. Please pass on our sincere thanks to support and we look forward to working with CipherLab again in the future" WACA Cricket Ground

Tetimonial "Prior to using CipherLab, we purchased a well known brand name, but never could quite get them to integrate into our system. The CipherLab 8001 terminals we purchased later have worked without any problems at all for our stocktaking requirements, The free software that comes with the terminals (Forge Batch Application Generator) was relatively quite easy to use and easy to integrate into our system. I wish we had used CipherLab earlier!" Shane Van Houlsen - Information Systems Manager - R.S.P.C.A. Victoria

Tetimonial "I finally managed to get the Cipherlab 8001 scanner to produce the output file in the format I wanted. Thanks heaps for your help. These linear imagers are proving to operate much better than the Laser scanners we had used previously from your opposition. Thanks again for your help" Producton Engineer - Rondo

Testimonial "We are an Access Control and Visitor Identification company and have been using CipherLab’s cordless Bluetooth scanners (1266s) for quite sometime and utilised them at major events such as the final of Australian Idol held at the Sydney Opera House last year. We do not encounter any problems with these scanners. The scanner represents very good value for money , they are durable and reliable plus CipherLab gives us great support by providing us with cutting edge technology and competitive pricing advantages. All of this allows us to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to Access Control." Ernest Taylor - Managing Director - Wizid