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CipherLab's "8570" Series Is The Right Tool For Scanning With TradeTools Direct

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When TradeTools were looking around for a new solution to replace our current scanners, we evaluated products from several companies including the incumbent Symbol Technologies. After the evaluation process I would not hesitate to absolutely recommend the Cipherlab products for the following reasons -

1.        They have products that suit our needs with the ability to change in the future - by that I mean at the moment we use UNIX VT-100 terminal emulation, which suits us perfectly, however I do know that if in the future we need to move to a windows based environment, Cipherlab can accommodate us there too. The simple operating system of the Cipherlab scanners and the excellent emulation are a "tick in the box" number one for us (and believe me with UNIX, the emulation needs to be spot on or you may as well not bother)

2.         Once you get your head around things the scanners are easy to configure and it is easy to setup many of them quickly

3.        The usability of the scanners is great, when we were in the evaluation process, I specifically got our directors and our general users to have a play with the scanners and give me feedback from their own perspective. Everything was positive ie scanner worked great, keyboard was good to use and seemed pretty rugged and from my perspective the ease of setup, the emulation and the wireless protocols supported were certainly a tick in the box.

4.        The backup service was great, we were able to speak to support tech's who obviously knew what they were talking about which as you know is extremely important.

5.        Another point was we were able to easily get a scanner for a week or so as a test scanner - in our minds this was a huge plus as 1.) you were happy to help us out on short acquaintance and 2.) you were happy to let us test first hand the claims you made about your products (which subsequently proved true)

At the end of the day, it really came down to a choice between Cipherlab and Symbol, in terms of terminal emulation and durability both Cipherlab and Symbol were on an even par.
For user access or for want of a better term usability Cipherlab certainly came out on top
For price and backup support Cipherlab definitely came out number 1 and we have never had cause to make us question the decision to move to the Cipherlab products.

If anyone would like to have a chat about my "Cipherlab experience" you are most welcome to pass my contact details on to them as I would be more than happy to speak to them

Graeme Milgate
IT Manager
TradeTools Direct Pty Ltd