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Supports VT100 and VT220 emulation
Captures host session screens
Graphical User Interface to define barcode and wireless communication settings
On-screen navigator and cursor tracking
User-definable function key mappings
Auto sign-on and resume protection
Includes utilities to download emulation runtime code to the mobile computer and echo-testing functionality
Optional reformatting of the screen shown on the terminal is available upon purchase of an activation key

Mirror VT Emulator
Terminal Emulator
Mirror VT100/VT220 Terminal Emulator allows you to quickly adapt host console output to any CipherLab mobile computer screens without redesigning your applications, saving time and development effort. Using screen captures, pull-down menus, and an intuitive interface, you'll quickly create terminal screen templates with the critical information users need and easily map user input to host fields.
Trial Version
For a trial version of Mirror VT Emulator, contact CipherLab Australia.