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Maximize mobile workforce productivity, quickly, easily, and economically. The MCL-Collection for CipherLab Windows-based mobile computers simplifies and accelerates mobile application development and development efforts, allowing fast integration of highly effective host-based application. The Collection provides a comprehensive set of proven, versatile tools to design, develop, package, and deploy applications that support a range of use cases and connection states, from batch mode barcode scanning to database updates through casually connected, wireless WAN sessions. MCL-Client is included at no charge on all CipherLab 9400 and 9500CE series mobile computers.

Migration Wizard to import, convert, upgrade, and enhance existing applications
Layered architecture to integrate necessary tools
MCL-Designer integrated simulator
MCL-Client quickly integrates existing MCL-based applications to CipherLab mobile platforms
MCL-Link enable batch-mode devices with the same host access support
MCL-Net networking server to support multi-modal network communications
MCL-SAP R/3 Bridge brings power of SAP applications to mobile device

For more information, please visit www.mcl-collection.com.

Development Tools