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Mobile Computers
9300 Series
9300 Mobile Computer
Mobile Computer with BT

Meet your new data manager. Designed with next-generation processing and large memory space, the 9300 mobile computer reads 1D and 2D barcodes with reliable ease, providing access to critical information that will help you make smarter decisions. With embedded Windows® CE, learning to use the 9300 is easy and enables administrators to quickly deploy today's mainstream applications. Need to operate in a rough environment? No problem. The 9300 is built to withstand tough treatment in harsh working conditions, and guarantees reliable results for up to 12 hours.

Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0 Professional operating system
Built on Marvell® PXA310 processor
Choice of laser or 2D imager scanning
256MB DDR-SDRAM with expandable option through SD/MMC slot
512MB NAND Flash memory
2.8" color QVGA touch screen with choice of 29 or 43 LED-backlit keypad
Energy efficient design with up to 12 hours of working power
Survives multiple 1.5 m / 5 ft. drops onto concrete
1000 cycles of tumbles at 1m
Programming: C/C++, .NET API
CipherLab's Power Suite enables custom applications:
FORGE Application Generator including data transmission OCX
9300 Series
Built to meet the latest requirements of retail and warehousing demands, the CipherLab 9300 series mobile computer provides powerful application processing with 2D and 1D data capture directly to the point of work. Combining the ruggedness of industrial devices and the comprehensive functionality of a pocket-size device, the smartly designed 9300 series packs tremendous capability in a comfortable, easy-to-use package. In the hands of a warehouse manager or retail clerk, the 9300 series mobile computer delivers accurate, powerful computing that will maximize productivity.

Charging and Communication Cradle
Applicable models: 9300 and 9370 mobile computers

Protective Cover
Applicable models: 9300 and 9370 mobile computers

Vehicle Cable
Applicable models: 9300 and 9370 mobile computers